Tournament Details



  • Date: January 30th, 2021
  • Location: Online via the Scilympiad platform

Competition Day Policies:

  • No team or team coach will be asked to write a test or supervise an event. All events will be run by us.
  • Seven Lakes Invitational will make every attempt to adhere closely to the National Science Olympiad event schedule.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Seven Lakes Invitational Tournament will follow all rules as stated in the printed national rule book and national event clarifications posted here. We will follow all rules and clarifications published by the National Science Olympiad organization.
  • Teams must abide by the Science Olympiad code of ethics and general rules specified on
  • While digital notes are allowed for out tournament, ctrl-f and other search functions are not. We cannot enforce this measure, but we will be relying on the honor code.

Event-Specific Details:

Certain events will not be held. Additionally, events will consist of only a test portion (no builds)

List of events at our tournament: 

Anatomy and Physiology
Chemistry Lab
Circuit Lab
Designer Genes
Detector Building
Disease Detectives
Dynamic Planet
Experimental Design
Geologic Mapping
Protein Modeling
Sounds of Music
Water Quality