Tournament Details


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Competition Day Policies:

  • No team or team coach will be asked to write a test or supervise an event. All events will be run by us.
  • On competition day, every team will be given space in the Main Commons to serve as their homeroom/team base.
  • Seven Lakes Invitational will make every attempt to adhere closely to the 2019 National Science Olympiad event schedule.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Seven Lakes Invitational Tournament will follow all rules as stated in the printed national rule book and national event clarifications posted here. We will follow all rules and clarifications published by the National Science Olympiad organization.
  • Teams must abide by the Science Olympiad code of ethics and general rules specified on
  • All built devices must conform to the general rules described on
  • When applicable as stated in the printed rule book, students must wear appropriate eye protection as described on

Event-Specific Details:

Chem Lab: The lab was designed so that you do not need to bring many expensive materials because we understand that sometimes these materials are difficult to access. For chem lab, here’s the list of required materials that competing teams must bring:

Safety Materials: Goggles, Lab aprons, Close toed shoes, Hair ties for long hair

Pencils, erasers, calculators

Lab equipment: 2 small beakers, stirring rod, 2 pipettes

Ping-Pong Parachute: The height of the room being used is approximately 18 feet high.


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